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Willie Peña

Willie Pena was born in Jersey City, New Jersey to Cuban parents and launched his career in media as a professional disc jockey for over 20 years at age 19. His father, being a protege artist trained at the prestigious San Alejandro Academy in Havana, taught him the visual arts at a young age. In the early 2000s, Willie combined his strong writing skills with his artistic talents and entrepeneurial spirit to develop multiple businesses, including digital marketing. After time in Boston, Miami, Seattle, and the Orlando area, he relocated to Los Angeles in 2009 and quickly got involved in content creation, releasing his first film "Nerd Wars" featuring several notable influencers in 2011. Seeing the need for a positive slant to show business coverage and recognition of up-and-coming talent led to the creation of Teens Wanna Know the following year, with the goal of becoming a leading teen lifestyle and entertainment brand while avoiding the negativity and gossip so prevalent in other youth media. At the same time, he founded Pena Media Group, a digital content creation and marketing firm which has worked with such brands as IBM, Colgate, Verizon, Adobe and many, many more to promote through videos, blogs, and social media. Willie is excited to take Teens Wanna Know to the next level with event production (such as influencer meet and greets) and scripted content this year while continuing to serve his many high-profile clients through the Pena Media Group umbrella.

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