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Sasha Kerbel

Sasha Kerbel was born in Moscow, Russia. She is a daughter of a well-known artist Lev Kerbel, one of the most celebrated Soviet sculptors (one of his works, by the way, is on display at the Wende Museum in Culver City, CA).


Sasha has started her acting path pretty early, but since the age of 17, she has also built an impressive career in media and television, first as a news reporter on Russia's Third National Channel, and later as a prime time radio host on several popular FM music stations in Moscow (Friday night show, Morning show and many more). Sasha also has been a guest host on Radio BBC, and one of the star hosts of the news radio, “Russian News Station”, covering mostly culture and education. 

Sasha also collaborated with MTV Europe, hosted MTV radio special in Russia, and covered MTV Europe Music Awards live at the venues for several years. Sasha regularly appeared as a TV host on Channel 31, a Russian music television channel, as well as the STS channel, where she co-hosted a talk show. As a voiceover actress, she could be heard literally everywhere: on TV and radio commercials, in documentaries and films, as the official voice of a popular department store chain, and in various other nationwide and international advertisements. When Sasha was only 19, she was commissioned by the mayor of Moscow to be an author, director and a narrator of a documentary about the city, for attracting investors into its development. The film was a success.

In 2008, Sasha quit radio and TV hosting to focus exclusively on her acting career. She starred in numerous theater productions like The Catcher in the Rye,  The House of Bernarda Alba, and many other, as well as in films and television shows. One of which - “Zagovorennyy” (“Charmed”), a Russian mini-series, - has, by the way, just been introduced to the viewers in Japan.  In 2013 Sasha was cast as one of the principal characters in an American film production, “10 Days in a Madhouse” (released in 2015), and moved to Los Angeles, where she lives now, continuing her acting and voice over career. One of Sasha’s soon-to-be-released projects is an e-musical Who Stole The Moon, an educational audiobook app for children, also starring Jim Dale (“Harry Potter” audiobooks).  Sasha has been regularly hosting and co-hosting various events, including concerts, Awards ceremonies, press-conferences, fashion shows, exhibition openings, galleries/museum/stores openings, new brands launches, and many other. She was a co-host of the Funny House Dance Awards in Moscow (with the audience over 6,000 people) and co-hosted Maxidrom - annual rock festival (Moscow; over 10,000 people).

Sasha is a host of The Lightning Hour, a YouTube talkshow where, along with her co-hosts Rico E Anderson and Rachelle Henry, she interviews celebrity guests from the entertainment world. Sasha is also a model, and had been in commercials, magazines, calendars, posters, fashion catalogs, and also did several runway shows in the past.  In her spare time, Sasha is an artist.  She has been supporting  Valley Breast Care Foundation. Sasha advocate for immigrants and refugees, and supports Black Lives Matter Movement.