Katerina Pappas

With skilled talent, a disarming smile, and a mature demeanor, Katerina Pappas is your strong, independent teen actress. Kat is a film loving, music bumping, style pushing teen. She grew up in Queens, New York, and has the NYC go-getter mentality to prove it. Starting in local theater, Katerina has honed her talent through progressive training opportunities including the NYU Tisch School of the Arts high school acting program. The Tisch School has helped her gain recognition for her acting, providing her the opportunity to be hired for NYU graduate short films, commercials, and feature films. Although finishing high school is her main focus, she works even harder to hone her craft and improve her acting, often saying, “There’s always more to learn.” Her goal is to be the hardest working young actress in New York City. She wants to use her mind, body, and voice to tell stories that will move people forever.